Our Approach

We pride ourselves on approaching the law differently than other law firms. We firmly believe that it is our job to assist our clients in law firms. We firmly believe that it is our job to assist our clients in issues when they arise.

Our goal is to anticipate where risks will arise and plan appropriately to ensure that our clients’ exposure to those risks will be prevented or minimized. However, when necessary, we are prepared to utilize our experience as litigators on behalf of our clients whether in court, arbitration, or mediation.

The Mission of Parker Law Offices is to help clients build a strong legal foundation for both their personal and their business enterprises. Our legal team believes that the strongest case is a case that does not have to be made, and that the best way to navigate any legal conflict is to be legally prepared prior to the conflict.
While we are experienced and prepared to represent clients in litigation when necessary, our mission is to partner with clients to put the proper protections in place to ensure that when issues do arise, they have a solid legal foundation to stand on.

Our Story

David Parker began private practice of law in Statesville, NC in 1981 and later founded Parker Law Offices in 1992. After more than 25 years of general practice, in 2006, David restructured the firm, streamlining it so that he could focus on transactional practice of law and complex business litigation.

Carey Parker joined the firm as a law clerk in 2014 and began practicing law with the firm in 2015 practicing in the fields of estate planning administration, eminent domain, civil litigation, family law, and farm law. Clay Pittman, a former Assistant District Attorney, joined in 2022 to expand the firm's presence in the field of criminal defense.




Got Questions?

Get to know more about Parker Law and the legal services we offer with our FAQ’s.

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The first step to becoming a client is to reach out to our law offices about your legal needs. You will speak to a qualified lawyer and recieve a confidential consultation where we will work to understand all of the necessary details of your case. From there, we will direct you to resources and explain exactly how we can help you and what that will look like. After taking some time to consider your options, if you do choose to become a client, we will begin a partnership where we will guide you through every step of the way of your case, no matter how complex.

The answer to this question can vary widely depending on the nature and intricacies of your case. In setting fees, our lawyers will consider everything from the complexity of your case, to the years of courtroom experience that we have. There is no quick answer to your question, but the best way to find out more is to reach out to our offices where we can give you more accurate information after learning more about your case.

If you are a current client with our law offices, and the opposition contacts us for service, we will be loyal to your case. A lawyer cannot ethically represent two separate clients who are on opposite sides of the same lawsuit, and we are dedicatd to pursuing the best results for you as our client in your case.

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