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Whether it is the happy work of setting up new and optimistic businesses, drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts so your rights are protected, or going to court when things get sideways,

Parker Law Offices has done it all.  We mean business!

On-line services can help you fill out the minimum forms, but to figure out how partners work with each other, how to decide salaries and retained earnings, working with CPAs to make sure the tax aspects are carefully considered, or drafting operating agreements and contracts, we mean business.

We have done mergers, acquisitions, bond financing, conventional financing, partner disagreements, and complex real estate financing necessary in this complex world where banks no longer simply make simple loans.

We also litigate and take to trial and to AAA Arbitration disputes – we have handled State court cases from Maryland to Virginia to Georgia to Mississippi and all across North Carolina from Asheville to Wilmington and Federal Cases in the Districts of North Carolina and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia.

If you need legal assistance with setting up a new business, a transaction for an existing business, or business litigation contact Parker Law Offices today.