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Child Custody

When going through a separation, breakup, or divorce often the most important issue to parents is their children. Because the well-being of children during a divorce is so critically important, it can also be the most emotional and difficult part of the breakup of the relationship. Not only are parents faced with custody and visitation schedules, but parenting styles and desires may be significantly different. Most importantly, the decisions made by parents during the breakup of the marriage have a tremendous impact on the life of the children both emotionally and financially. Child support has a direct relationship with the amount of custodial time a parent has. Therefore, determining a custody and visitation schedule will have significant financial impacts to your family as well. Ultimately, what is in the “best interest” of the child or children, is the most critical question whether in negotiations, mediation, or litigation of child custody.

Modification of Child Custody/Support.

If you already have a child custody and/or support order and something has changed with your family, you may be asking whether you can and should modify that existing order. A modification of an existing order will likely require a showing of “substantial change of circumstances, impacting the welfare of the minor children.” The attorneys at Parker Law Offices can help you determine if now is the appropriate time for a modification and will help you through the process of achieving a modification that is in the best interest of your children.

If you are facing a breakup, separation, or divorce and there are minor children involved, you need an experienced family law attorney who can help navigate you through child custody and child support issues that will come up. The attorney and staff at Parker Law Offices are equipped to assist you with these issues.

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