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Eminent Domain (sometimes referred to as land condemnation) is the right of the government to take your land. If your property is needed for a public project or even adjacent to land needed for a public project, such as road widening, a new government building, or utility improvements, a government land agent will be contacting you. And when that agent tells you that your land is needed by the government, you can’t say “no.” However, you are entitled to and you must demand to be treated fairly. For most people that means getting a fair price for your property.

The attorneys and staff at Parker Law Offices know exactly how to handle these cases to ensure a fair and just result for you or your business. We have successfully taken on the State in the past and will implement our knowledge and skills to achieve the same results for you. Land condemnation is a complicated field of law, each and every case is different. You need an attorney on your side that knows what it takes to be successful in your case.

The 5th Amendment of the US Constitution limits the government’s right eminent domain by providing that private property cannot be “taken for public use, without just compensation.” While the taking itself may be challenged as not being for a legitimate public use, more often, the legal battle is to ensure that you receive just compensation for your land. To prevail in these cases it is critical that you have a passionate and zealous advocate with knowledge, skill and experience in land law and eminent domain as your legal representation.

If you have received notice that your land is part of a government taking, contact one of our dedicated local attorneys today for a consult.