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Estate Planning

Good, practical Estate Planning can make our passing easier for the ones we leave behind. That’s why we offer a Free Will Review for our new clients – to make sure that people’s true wishes are in writing – if they are not, the government’s rules control who gets what.

Estate Planning is also about doing the smart thing for taxes, stepped up basis, handling the Estate’s paperwork and looking after heirs that may be too young or just not qualified to look after their own affairs. We believe that knowing the law is only part of counseling as folks make difficult financial and life decisions.

Our job at Parker Law Offices is to give you peace of mind on those and other thorny questions. Together, we’ve handled many Estates, including some in our own families, and understand how to simplify the process. We can also defend your Will if it is challenged, collect from folks that may owe you money (for instance: insurance companies), and counsel heirs about the tax aspects of investments.

Contact us today for a free Will review with one of our attorneys and staff.

Estate Administration

Estate administration (sometimes called probate) is the legal process of settling an estate through the court system that occurs when a person dies. Whether a person dies with or without a will, their estate will have a personal representative – called an executor or executrix if there is a will or an administrator or administratrix if there is not a will. The personal representative will be generally be responsible for:

  • Collecting the real and personal property of the estate
  • managing the estate,
  • filing tax returns and paying taxes,
  • discovering creditors and paying debts, and
  • making distributions to the heirs of the estate

Being the personal representative for an estate comes with substantial responsibilities which are often complex and may be lengthy. Additionally, the beneficiaries of the estate can hold the personal representative liable if the proper procedures are not followed. Having an attorney to guide you through this process can make a difficult and sometimes daunting task less intimidating.

At Parker Law Offices, the goal of our attorneys and staff is to make administration of an estate as painless as possible for our clients.  We understand that our clients frequently have just lost someone very near and dear to them, and on top of dealing with their grief, are faced with immense amounts of clerical work, forcing them to delve into the lives of the person they have just lost. By hiring a law firm you can trust and rely on to assist with administering the estate, we hope that we can lift some of the weight you are carrying.

If you have been named the personal representative of an estate and would like guidance on how to fulfill your duties of administering the estate contact Parker Law Offices today for a consultation with one of our attorneys and staff.