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North Carolina’s number one industry is agriculture, contributing more than $62.6 billion per year to the state’s economy. Iredell County, as the number one producer in North Carolina of Dairy and Cattle represents a significant portion of that industry. Iredell County’s farming community is made up of more than just dairy and cattle. Our local farmers produce silage, poultry, and fruits and vegetables on farms ranging in size from commercial operations to family farms operating CSAs and selling at our local farmer’s markets.

No matter what type or size of farming operation, Parker Law Offices can assist you and your farm with it legal needs. While Parker Law Offices represents businesses from a wide spectrum of industries, we understand that farming families face unique challenges and concerns. The attorneys and staff at Parker Law Offices are prepared to utilize our skills and experience to assist farm families with business law, estate planning, regulatory compliance, environmental issues, and civil litigation.

Parker Law Offices has strong ties to the agricultural industry. Although two generations removed from farming, our attorneys understand the importance of farming and feel tied to the land, and Carey’s wife is active in the farmer’s market in Statesville. Carey, after participating in major environmental litigation while interning with an environmental non-profit, realized that farming families of North Carolina frequently end up on the short end of the stick when such litigation arises. Carey used this experience to focus on protecting and helping farming families who frequently get stuck in the middle in a complex, global economic engine. During his third year of law school Carey was a law clerk at a firm that focused on farm law where he gained the skills and knowledge needed to represent farmers in need of legal assistance with business structure, estate planning, and litigation.