Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime in North Carolina, you should retain an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Whether you are facing..

Speeding and Traffic Offenses

Having an experienced lawyer on your side is essential in traffic court. Even minor traffic offenses can have major consequences for your insurance costs and..

Domestic Violence

Taking A Stand Against InjusticeFalse accusations of domestic violence can be shocking, damaging, and extremely harmful for your personal and professional reputation. Combatting these charges..

Estate Planning

Protecting Your Estate Your estate is everything you have worked for, and everything you will pass on to the loved ones you leave behind. Good,..

Eminent Domain

What Should I Do if I Think My Land is Going to be Taken? Eminent Domain, or land condemnation, is the right of the government to..

Civil Litigation

Meeting Your Civil Litigation Needs Civil litigation is any legal process where two or more parties are involved in a legal dispute that does not involve..

Marriage and Domestic Partnership

Your Legal Union Marriage and Domestic Partnership are two facets of the broad legal spectrum covered by family law. Both deal with the legal union of..


In Your Corner There is virtually no area of family law more complex and emotional than divorce, because of all of the changes involved during the..


Establishing Paternity in NCPaternity, or establishing parentage, is the legal process of confirming the identity of a minor’s biological father, when the child was born..

Domestic Violence

You Are Not Alone An estimated 1 in 4 women, and approximately 10 million children each year are witness to or are affected by..

Corporate Formation

Protect Your Assets From the Start Corporate Formation is the area of law devoted to building a strong legal framework around a new corporation in..

Business Litigation

Resolving Business Cases Unfortunately, litigation is an all-too-common part of the business world, both within and between companies. When a commercial dispute occurs, valuable time and..

Business Contracts

Contract Drafting and ReviewA contract is a written agreement, outlining a set of obligations that are legally enforceable when signed. The business world is built..

Legal Liability

Protecting Your Business Legal liability covers the wide spectrum of business law that dealing with written or unspoken agreements that leave a business legally responsible or..

Insider Dealing

A Heavy Allegation There are fewer more serious legal allegations than that of insider dealing. Insider dealing, or insider trading, is the unethical and often illegal..


The Bankruptcy Process Liquidation is the accounting process through which a businesses’ assets are sold and turned into cash (liquidated) by a court-appointed trustee, then distributed..

DWI Offenses

Driving While Impaired A DUI, DWI, or “driving while impaired” charge, is a criminal charge for people accused of driving while under the influence, which can..

Probation Violation

We Are On Your Side  In most cases, following jail time a person is placed on probation, which is a set of very strict requirements a..

Controlled Substance Offenses

Drug Charges Controlled substance laws are extensive and complex, with regulation involving drugs and chemicals ranging from possession and use laws to distribution and sale. Finding..

Wills and Trusts

Laying the Groundwork for the FutureEven the best legal representation in probate court is less preferable than having the right preparation in the first place,..

Probate Litigation

Complex Family Situations Estate administration, or probate litigation, is the legal process of settling an estate through the court system. Whether or not a person has..

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Clearly Define Your Union Prenuptial agreements, or premarital agreements, are the most common way to establish how the assets and property of the couple will be..

Alimony and Child Support

Financial Support Throughout many divorce cases, a major decision to be considered is if and how alimony and child support will be paid from one spouse..

Child Custody and Visitation

Difficult Questions When going through a separation, breakup, or divorce, often the most important issue to both spouses is the effect these proceedings will have on..

Complex Property Division

Dividing Your Property Aside from the well-being of children involved in a divorce, the division of property is another one of the highest concerns of a..

Construction Litigation

Are You Involved In A Construction-Related Dispute? Disputes related to construction can very easily become very complex, and though it is not always ideal to pursue..

Farm Law

Driving Our NC Economy North Carolina’s number one industry is agriculture, contributing more than $62.6 billion per year to the state’s economy. While Parker Law represents..

Breach of Contract

Counsel For Your Business In the case where either one or both of the parties involved in a contract believe it has been breached, our attorneys..

Business Torts

Fighting For Your Business If your business has suffered financial harm, loss of tangible or intangible assets, or damage to reputations and relationships due to the..

Product Liability

We're On Your Side Product liability refers to the responsibility a manufacturer has for the product they create, and in the case where a product harms..

Personal Injury

Defending Against Personal Injury Claims In some cases, liability litigation can be brought against your business by parties who have consumed your product and claim personal..