Corporate Law is the practice of Law directly pertaining to business practice; specifically, the formation, operation, and liquidation of corporations. All laws involving the rights and liabilities of individuals involved in these business practices can be considered corporate law. Matters such as Legal Liability, Business Contracts and Litigation, Corporate Formation and Liquidation, as well as Insider Dealing, all fall under Business Law.

While all legal practices can be nuanced and complex at times, corporate law is especially so, because it deals with complicated matters involving the correct legal operation of business entities.

What Experience Does Parker Law Have in the Corporate Practice?

Located in Statesville just north of Charlotte, the experienced lawyers at Parker Law come alongside businesses, whether startup or well-established, to provide top legal advice for all circumstances. Whether it is the happy work of setting up a new and optimistic enterprise, the details of drafting, reviewing, or negotiating contracts, or partnering with you in court if things go sideways, here at Parker Law we have done it all. We mean business!

The experienced Business Lawyers at Parker Law have helped businesses in every legal arena, including mergers and acquisitions, bond financing, partner disagreements, and complex real-estate financing. In an ever-evolving business world where banks no longer make simple loans, you can count on the Lawyers at Parker law to provide reliable, accurate, and understandable legal counsel in these practices and more. Furthermore, we also litigate and take to trial AAA Arbitration disputes. We have handled State court cases from Maryland to Virginia to Georgia to Mississippi and all across North Carolina from Asheville to Wilmington and Federal Cases in the Districts of North Carolina and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. While some online services might be able to help you fill out the minimum forms, for complex and individualized advising that takes your specific business situation into consideration, reach out to Parker Law.

Next Steps

No matter what stage your business is in, every corporation needs a reliable source of definitive legal advice. We at Parker Law understand that every business owner wants to work with a law firm that provides exceptional business advice in all fields. The goal of our attorneys at Parker Law is to provide that service. We invite you to explore further the details of our experience in the various practices listed below related to Corporate Law.

  • Corporate Formation
  • Business Litigation
  • Business Contracts
  • Legal Liability
  • Business Dissolution and Liquidation
  • Whether you are forming a business and want to do it the right way, have hit a bump in the corporate road and are pursuing litigation, or are exploring options for mergers or liquidations, reach out to Parker Law to see how we can partner with your business to obtain the best results.

Legal Services

Corporate Formation

Protect Your Assets From the Start Corporate Formation is the area of law devoted to building a strong legal framework around a new corporation in..

Business Litigation

Resolving Business Cases Unfortunately, litigation is an all-too-common part of the business world, both within and between companies. When a commercial dispute occurs, valuable time and..

Business Contracts

Contract Drafting and ReviewA contract is a written agreement, outlining a set of obligations that are legally enforceable when signed. The business world is built..

Legal Liability

Protecting Your Business Legal liability covers the wide spectrum of business law that dealing with written or unspoken agreements that leave a business legally responsible or..

Insider Dealing

A Heavy Allegation There are fewer more serious legal allegations than that of insider dealing. Insider dealing, or insider trading, is the unethical and often illegal..


The Bankruptcy Process Liquidation is the accounting process through which a businesses’ assets are sold and turned into cash (liquidated) by a court-appointed trustee, then distributed..

Construction Litigation

Are You Involved In A Construction-Related Dispute? Disputes related to construction can very easily become very complex, and though it is not always ideal to pursue..

Farm Law

Driving Our NC Economy North Carolina’s number one industry is agriculture, contributing more than $62.6 billion per year to the state’s economy. While Parker Law represents..

Breach of Contract

Counsel For Your Business In the case where either one or both of the parties involved in a contract believe it has been breached, our attorneys..

Business Torts

Fighting For Your Business If your business has suffered financial harm, loss of tangible or intangible assets, or damage to reputations and relationships due to the..

Product Liability

We're On Your Side Product liability refers to the responsibility a manufacturer has for the product they create, and in the case where a product harms..

Personal Injury

Defending Against Personal Injury Claims In some cases, liability litigation can be brought against your business by parties who have consumed your product and claim personal..