Criminal Case Appeals

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Taking A Stand Against Injustice

Even if you have been convicted of a crime in North Carolina, in some cases you may have the right to appeal this decision. Because the Federal deadline to file an appeal is only 14 days after entry of judgement, it is important to act quickly. There are thousands of arguments that can be made on appeal, ranging from legal arguments to emotional appeals to the judge involving your innocence, but challenging a conviction is no easy task, and the right attorney will know exactly how to leverage these arguments in order to best argue your case.

Let Us Fight Your Appeal

Our attorneys at Parker Law understand that a successful criminal appeal can be life-changing for both you and your family, and second chances are not always possible in the world of criminal law. This is why from the moment you contact us, we will immediately begin the process of learning more about your case in order to provide the best counsel.

We will partner with you throughout the entire process, from studying the transcripts of your original trial for errors, to gathering additional evidence and preparing arguments, to even potentially seeking your release from imprisonment during the appeal process. At Parke Law, we fight to win, and we will use all of our expertise to advocate on your behalf, in order to make the most of your second chance.

Next Steps

If you believe that you have grounds for an appeal, reach out to Parker Law today. Our Statesville lawyers will provide an expert and confidential consultation in a timely matter, to help you understand your next steps. Though you may have been wrongfully convicted, with the proper legal representation, there is hope for your case. Click the link below to contact the Parker Law Offices today and set up a consultation about your Criminal Appeals case.

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