Insider Dealing

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A Heavy Allegation 

There are fewer more serious legal allegations than that of insider dealing. Insider dealing, or insider trading, is the unethical and often illegal practice by an individual of trading a public company stock, with influence from confidential company information. If made public, these allegations can have serious ramifications for any company, even if not vindicated in court. Consequences for an insider trading conviction can be very steep, including significant fines and up to 20 years of jail time. A business facing allegations of insider dealing should pursue legal counsel from an experienced business law attorney immediately in order to avoid the worst ramifications.

Our Experienced Legal Team

The attorneys at Parker Law Offices understand how frightening and overwhelming an insider dealing charge can be for company founders. While a wide range of individuals, from company founders to employees to even family and friends of company personnel can all be charged with insider trading, there are also a variety of effective defenses that knowledgeable and experienced lawyers can bring to the table in your defense.

We will analyze every aspect of your case, studying it from every angle to build the strongest possible defense for you and your business. An experienced lawyer can study the details of the information that is considered “inside”, as well as information that is no longer confidential, and build a strong case for non-reliance putting the burden of proof on the federal prosecutors. Our defense team is well-versed in the intricacies of business law and know how to put together a strong defense that you can rely on.

Next Steps

If you have been accused of insider trading, do not wait to get legal counsel. Get the best Insider Dealing attorneys in the Statesville, Mooresville, Lake Norman, and Huntersville areas to help you fight your case.To speak to a defense attorney today, contact Parker Law Offices and find out how we can help stand for you in the courtroom. With the help of the right experienced lawyers, you can move through this process with confidence. Click the link below to contact the Parker Law Offices today and set up a consultation about your Insider Dealing case.

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