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The Bankruptcy Process 

Liquidation is the accounting process through which a businesses’ assets are sold and turned into cash (liquidated) by a court-appointed trustee, then distributed to creditors in the event where a business is no longer able to make payments on its debts. In certain difficult cases, liquidation may be the best option for a business owner because once the process is complete, the business owner is then released from all responsibility for the debts involved in the bankruptcy case. As with all legal processes, liquidation can be an emotional and complex process, and it is recommended that a business owner enlist the help of an experienced lawyer who can provide legal counsel throughout the liquidation process.

Parker Law can Simplify the Process

Handling a liquidation or bankruptcy case without the help of an experienced lawyer can result in you making mistakes that may further hurt you down the line. Our legal team understands that during a liquidation case, we are dealing with the assets that you have worked hard for, and we know how to navigate bankruptcy laws in a way that will make the most effective use of your hard work. Working with Parker Law, you can expect sensitive, yet sound advice as you navigate through this difficult time, and we will partner with you and your business from start to finish of this difficult process.

We Can Answer the Following Questions for Your Specific Case:

  • Whether you need to file for bankruptcy and which kind is best for your situation
  • How exactly the process will work for you
  • Which of your debts will be eliminated
  • What forms need to be completed
  • How to best move forward from this process

From sound legal counsel, to help with the legal forms and paperwork, to the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an experienced lawyer is working on your case, the value of a bankruptcy lawyer is high. We will simplify the process for you from start to finish, to ensure that you are able to put your best foot forward when moving on from this situation.

Next Steps

Filing for bankruptcy is not a small decision. If you are considering liquidating your business, contact Parker Law Offices so that we can learn more about your situation and offer counsel on how to best move forward with this process. You will receive a free and confidential consultation with an expert lawyer, who will walk through the details of your case with you in order to confirm what your best next steps will be.  Our Statesville legal team is waiting to hear from you. Click the link below to contact the Parker Law Offices today and set up a consultation about your Liquidation case.

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