Speeding and Traffic Offenses

A woman in a car at a traffic stop handing her paperwork through the car window to a police officer

Having an experienced lawyer on your side is essential in traffic court. Even minor traffic offenses can have major consequences for your insurance costs and driving record. An experienced attorney can help you keep points off your license, and keep your insurance premiums low, by negotiating your ticket to either a reduction or a dismissal. The Assistant District Attorney in the courtroom is focused on moving cases as quickly as possible – not on helping you. Your lawyer can appear in court so that you don’t have to, and can fight for the best outcome for your case. Get the best traffic attorneys in the Statesville, Mooresville, Lake Norman, and Huntersville areas to help you win your case. Click the link below to contact the Parker Law Offices today and set up a consultation about your Traffic case. 

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