Wills and Trusts

Wills and Trust

Laying the Groundwork for the Future

Even the best legal representation in probate court is less preferable than having the right preparation in the first place, and there is no time like the present to ensure that your wishes for your estate and heirs are honored after you pass away. The decisions you make to day will affect the lives of your loved ones, and having the right documentation in place is an easy way to make the process less painful for them. The two most common methods of contract for these purposes, are wills and trusts.

A will is a legal document that represents your final legal instructions for the handling of your estate, including all of your property and affairs. This document must be in writing, and must be signed by you and two witnesses to be legally recognized. A trust is a more flexible legal device that is used to manage your estate both during your lifetime and after your passing, establishing an individual as a “trustee” who is responsible for legally administering your property and assets. An effective trust includes detailed and specific instructions for how tis is to be done, which the trustee must follow. Both of these written agreements are effective ways to make known your wishes for your estate after your passing, and can help provide clarity that can avoid future legal disputes that have the potential to make an already painful process even more drawn out and complicated. Drafting these documents effectively and correctly according to the law is paramount, which is why it is important to work with a qualified will and trust attorney when navigating this process. Get the best trust lawyers in the Statesville, Mooresville, Lake Norman, and Huntersville areas to help you plan for your future. Click the link below to contact the Parker Law Offices today and set up a consultation about your Will or Trust case.

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